Complaints about ASQA

You can contact ASQA at any time to:

  • provide feedback
  • request more information, or
  • lodge a formal complaint.

To provide feedback―positive or negative―email

To make an enquiry (for example, about your registration), contact the ASQA Info line on or 1300 701 801.

To make a formal complaint about ASQA, complete and submit a Complaint about ASQA form (DOC 790kb).

Anyone can make a complaint—students, training organisation personnel, employers, parents, industry representatives or any other member of the community. Completed forms should be emailed to

What happens when I make a complaint?

Complaints are handled by ASQA’s Governance, Policy and Quality team. This team operates independently from ASQA operational units, and reports directly to the Chief Commissioner. This reporting arrangement provides a measure of confidentiality for the complainant.

ASQA responds to complaints in accordance with the clear guidelines of its complaints policy. ASQA seeks to finalise complaints as quickly as possible. Following receipt of a complaint, the Governance, Policy and Quality team investigates and prepares a report, including recommendations and a written response to the complainant.

If a complaint is substantiated and require action (for example, in relation to staff performance, or where the complaint acts as a prompt for making changes to an existing ASQA system), this is included in the recommendations. The advice to the complainant provides details of the outcome of the investigation and any actions that will affect the complainant.

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