Forms and guides

Using ASQA's forms and guides

ASQA's forms are in three formats: PDF, Microsoft Word (DOC) and online through asqanet. The accessibility page has more information about the software required to use these forms.

The instructions on the form will include information about how the forms can be submitted. The Microsoft Word versions of ASQA forms can be filled-in online and printed or emailed to the address in the form's instructions; however, PDF forms are print-only.


ASQA has developed a series of application guides to assist in the process of completing certain forms. If you need assistance for a form that does not have an application guide, please contact or call the ASQA info line on 1300 701 801, 9.00 am to 7.00 pm EST, Monday to Friday.


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RTO registration forms


  Application for initial RTO registration

  Application to change scope of RTO registration

  Application to renew RTO registration

  Application to withdraw RTO registration

  Financial viability risk assessment pack (DOC 903kb)

General forms and guides

Latest release

  Users’ guide to the Standards for VET Accredited Courses (PDF 2.9MB)

December 2016

  Introduction to using the new asqanet (PDF 587kb)


  Application guide—Application for initial RTO registration (PDF 584kb)


  Delivery activity data summary (XLS 25kb)

January 2015

  Fit and Proper Person Requirements Declaration (DOC 823kb)

January 2015

  Guide—Developing assessment tools (PDF 467kb)


  Notification of change of provider details (via asqanet)

  Notification of material change or event (via asqanet)

  Statutory declaration—Change of chief executive (DOC 785kb)

  Statutory declaration—Change of chief executive (PDF 197kb)


  Third Party Service Arrangement notification form

Audit templates

  Audit report template—VET (DOC 925kb)

  Audit report template—VET (PDF 1.7MB)


  Audit report template—CRICOS (PDF 1.1MB)

  Audit tool—CRICOS (PDF 542kb)


Reassessment and reconsideration

  Application for reassessment of position (via asqanet)

  Application for reconsideration of a reviewable decision (via asqanet)

CRICOS registration

All CRICOS applications and notifications should be submitted using the online registration service, asqanet.

asqanet allows organisations to submit, manage and pay for their registration applications online.

  • Find out more about using asqanet, or contact the ASQA Info line on 1300 701 801, 9.00 am to 7.00 pm EST, Monday to Friday, or by emailing for help with using asqanet.

  CRICOS timetable summary form (DOC 132kb)


Course accreditation forms

  Confirmation of Consultation - VET Course Accreditation Application (DOC 798kb)


  Application for course accreditation (initial or renewal) (DOC 1MB)

  Application for course accreditation (initial or renewal) (PDF 444kb)


  Application to amend an accredited course (DOC 855kb)

  Application to amend an accredited course (PDF 256kb)


  Application to cancel course accreditation (DOC 825kb)

  Application to cancel course accreditation (PDF 233kb)


  Business rule—assessing significance of proposed amendment (DOC 467kb)

  Business rule—assessing significance of proposed amendment (PDF 71kb)


  Notification of change to accredited course ownership (DOC 1.6MB)

  Notification of change to accredited course ownership (PDF 539kb)


  Notification of change to contact details—Accredited course (DOC 846kb)

  Notification of change to contact details—Accredited course (PDF 171kb)


  Request to extend the accreditation of a course (DOC 843kb)

  Request to extend the accreditation of a course (PDF 182kb)


Course accreditation templates

  Accredited course document template (DOC 248kb)


  Accreditation Evaluation Report (DOC 429kb)

  Accreditation Evaluation Report (PDF 662kb)

January 2017

  Course Owner Rectification Response Summary (DOC 396kb)

  Course Owner Rectification Response Summary (PDF 353kb)



  Complaint about ASQA (DOC 790kb)

  Complaint about a training organisation within ASQA's jurisdiction 



  Application for alternative fee protection measures (DOC 798kb)

  Quality Indicator annual summary report (DOC 181kb)



Student forms

  Application for a copy of student records (DOC 857kb)

  Complaint about a training organisation within ASQA's jurisdiction


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